The (He)art for (He)art Program : Participating to Camera Camera

Camera Camera is a video art & contemporary art fair.

OVNI galleries is taking place from November 29th until December 1st at the Windsor Hotel in Nice.

I have been invited to curate 2 special projects and both are from Lucy & Jorge Orta. The installation “Bureau de délivrance du passeport universel Antarctique” to be  found in the lobby entrance and the video “Antarctica” will be screened at the 5th floor.

Then, we will also be showing 5 artworks and 1 video in Mathieu Mercier’s room 

The exhibition “L’éveil d’une conscience”, is composed by 6 artworks :

– 3 by Douglas White : 2 sculptures (“Elephant Skin (2018)”and “Black Palm Maquette (2018)” and 1 light box “Dark Moon  (2018)”
– 2 by Claire Morgan : 1 drawing “Out of the Woods (III)”, 1 sculpture “By the skin of the teeth (VI)”    
– 1 by Shezad Dawood : 1 movie  “Leviathan Episode 2″, is part of a 10 short films series inaugurated at the Venice Biennale in May 2017. It goes through some of the pressing issues of our time, examining the possible links between borders, mental health and marine well-being.

Hotel Windsor Nice : 11 Rue Dalpozzo, 06000 Nice

Date :  November 30th and December 1rst, 2019 (the day of November 29th is dedicated to professionals)

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Presented works in Camera Camera Salon



The (He)art for (He)art Program at OVNi Festival

For the 5th year, the OVNi festival confirms its commitment to promoting video art and moving images.

The Heart for Heart Program is proud to be part of the festival via OVNi en Ville. 

Actors of contemporary art, we will revisit our exhibitions through the medium of video. We will also intervene during the event outside the gallery.

Presentation of the exhibition “Identités plurielles”

Two artists will broadcast their work :

– Reynier Leyva Novo : in his work “Cancion de Ultramar/Overseas Song/Chanson d’Outremer”, he suggests the disproportion between the ever-monumental political aspirations of the Cuban state and its political aspirations. Transnational gesture that overturns the limits of the concept of “Nation”.

– Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz : known for his re-appropriation of iconic images, from the Mona Lisa to Guernica, he created this new series of hybrids, “Typhon : un hybride post moderne”, during his residency last summer, inspired by our beautiful region.

Opening of the gallery between November 22nd and December 1st : 10h-14h

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OVNi en Ville, presentation of the movie “A Moon for my Father”

Mania Akbari collaborates with British sculptor Douglas White to create a film about an intimate artistic and personal relationship exploring the nature of skin, family, death, desire and a powerful desire to form. 

Mania Akbari examines the connection between her body and the political history of Iran, the relationship between her physical trauma and the collective political memory of her home country. While undergoing surgery on a body decimated by cancer, memory and reconstruction provide a framework for investigating how bodies are traumatized, censored and politicized, while ultimately remaining a space of opportunity

“Preview” November 22th at 18h30 at the 109, cultural center and house of arts of the city of Nice

Projection then throughout the festival period 3 times a day : 14h, 15h30, 17h at Le 109 (89, route de Turin 06300 Nice) 

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Les Visiteurs du soir (“the Evening Visitors”)

(He)art for (He)art is proud to be partner of les Visiteurs du soir “the Evening Visitors”, a nocturnal of contemporary art and flagship event of the cultural life of Nice. This event is organized by BOTOX (S), Alpes & Riviera contemporary art network .

This association is a platform of exchanges, a space for reflection, communication and work for the Azure actors of contemporary art.

A journey through the city featuring art galleries, shows hold in private places, workshops and events open to all audiences invites people to experience contemporary art in a privileged, yet uniquely open-minded manner.

For Evening Visitors, we invite you to aperitif meetings with the artists of the program and to discover part of his collection (Ernesto Neto, Yahon Chang, Monkey Bird, Shepard Fairey, Marcos Marin, Paolo de Nazareth, Fred Gonzales Torres, Toz, Moya, Edgar Orlaineta, Paolo Brusky, Ivan Salamanca, …

Aperitif meetings Friday from 18h to 20h and Saturday from

17h to 19h with Reynier Leyva Novo (El Chino Novo),

artist-in-residence and presentation of Hilario’s work

Isola, Leftover, next program artist.

In exhibition: Hilal Sami Hilal, Seeds of dreams.

Visit part of the Heart for Heart Collection.

Saturday musical drink from 22:30 to midnight

Discover the whole program of “the Evening Visitors” :  depliant_vds_2019_VF