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Dimitri Mallet

Dimitri Mallet

Dimitri Mallet, born in the South of France in 1983, situates his research between the limits of the various physical aspects of cognition and those of social construction. Often referring to minimalism and conceptual heritage, Mallet initiates a continuous mental dialogue with his viewer, where the artist is the one who brings to light the paradoxes, inverts the syntax of common perception and of knowing oneself as part of the global . His work exists as an antithesis to rapid vision, therefore to overwhelming visual consumption. The artist tries to establish in the exhibition spaces systems of sensitive measures that question the condition of the viewer, his relationship to the work of art, to the context, to the space, to others. And more broadly our attitude towards silence, emptiness and contemplation.
The Landscapes series transcribes, in various mediums, the contemplation of an “internal landscape”: those sensations that one experiences with closed eyes. These optical visions have the role of permanently reassuring the function of the gaze. Aesthetic and social object, the protocol for the creation of Landscapes, aims, in an era of “speed” to revalue, reorientate, redistribute our apprehension of reality.

Dimitri Mallet’s work has been exhibited at MAC VAL, at the Institut d’Art Contemporain de Villeurbanne with the ADIAF, the Contemporary Art Space in Privas in resonance with the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Lyon, in Atelier Calder, at ArtCologne… More recently in Marseille and Nice as part of the European biennial MANIFESTA 13 during an exhibition organized by The (He) art for (He) art program, in Luxembourg in “Le dos au sol »An exhibition curated by Claudia Passeri and Michèle Walerich and organized by Le Casino with the MNHA.

For several years, he has been carrying out part of his production with the Arcay screen printing studio in Paris with which he is preparing a monographic exhibition at the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence. Finally, he is the winner of a project in public space for Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture in Luxembourg, a cross-disciplinary project that will last throughout the cultural year.

All pictures : © Dimitri Mallet, ADAGP Paris.

Dimitri Mallet


Dimitri Mallet



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