Cora von Zezschwitz & Tilman

Built in situ by Cora von Zezschwitz & Tilman (Canada/ France/Germany), this architectural structure – a social sculpture – entitled Infinite Village, will host all the events, projects and performances conceived during the entire biennial period. Created by the two artists, this concept embodies a platform for exchange and dialogue on the Anthropocene, its society and its environment, as well as the promotion of a new and humanist unity.

An artistic, participatory and educational platform, the Infinite Village was created by Cora Von Zezschwitz & Tilman, artists and curators, under the artistic direction of Francisca Viudes, curator and founder of The (He) art for (He) art Program.
The Infinite Village intends to raise awareness. Within a responsible housing structure, speakers are invited to share and discuss global issues.

The Infinite Village wishes to bring about a change in our individual and collective perception, to develop a reflection driven by creativity and commitment by conveying strong
Its aesthetics underline the importance of opening a debate on ecology, social and sustainable policy. It induces the need for a change in our behavior towards our environment, for our lives here and now and for the near future.

The curators present an inspiring selection of committed artists such as Cora Von Zezschwitz & Tilman, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Éric Van Hove, Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira, Lucy and Jorge Orta, Damien Sorrentino and Shezad Dawood. Carrying an eco-responsible image, cultural and educational commitments, they are part of a modern aesthetic, recognized by the profession and the public.
These artists represent the very essence of the contemporary international scene today and highlight in poetic and artistic forms the reflections that transcribe modern and existing issues.
Through their commitments and through their visions, we will invite the public on a journey carried by educational proposals and precepts that respond to a real and burning news.