Cora Von Zezschwitz

Cora Von Zezschwitz (Canada) offers two installations: The Flag and What is truth?

The flag is used as a sign, signal or symbol of something; it is also used to attract attention as an indicator; to indicate a certain condition or to stimulate a particular reaction. The Flag is a radical and simple image, composed by a plastic film formed and shaped by an invisible force. It suggests transparency and the aspiration to thoughts of infinite movement. The artistic “visualization” of this “space” evokes the duality of the material and the immaterial, the defined and the flow as well as that of movement and emotion. The physical presence of the flag evokes a space where nothing stands still. The flow of time manifests and mingles with the experience of free thought. It illustrates the topicality which requires unity, solidarity and above all flexibility and renewal of our conscience. What is…? “… The truth was a mirror and it fell from the sky and shattered on the earth, each person saw a beast of the mirror, which reflected a different angle of the truth, but each piece was part of the whole… .. ”The work, a ball covered with multi-faceted mirrors, will be a site-specific installation. The suspended mirrored sphere will reflect light in all directions. Each mirror represents a truth, a reality and will form an ambient spatial drawing reflecting the idea of a plethora of realities and our personal ambitions to unite these different trajectories externally and internally to create a balance.