Dialogits Kantor

DIALOGITS-KANTOR Proletarian artistic utopia. Don’t make art but create situation that generate it for you. Anyway, we can trust objects who memorize more details than we do. Minstrels of minimal art. We’ll see if we’re there. Country party, chuckle.The elegance of the horse’s movement in chess. But the horse is drunk,it zigzags: you even have to be able to imitate that.(Yoann Van Parys)

Dialogist-Kantor, cult duo and active since 1992, consists of a Spanish from the Marolles and a Ganteoise from Brussels. Constantly looking for alternatives, they reinvent the definition of the artist and the work of art. Their fields of application are daily life, the spectacle, the interaction provoked, the demonstration / demonstration, the production, of objects, the printed matter …

They deploy an identity, artistic deeply rooted in our belgitude, humor, derision, playful and “arcanesque” second degree, based on not taking their work very seriously, a concern for independence in the face of market realities, all in an intergenerational dynamic within a “collective nebula”. (Gauthier Pierson)