Eric Van Hove

Éric van Hove (Belgium / Morocco), atist in residence, will recreate part of his workshop in Marrakech. He will present The Mahjouba Initiative, which questions object, the economic mechanisms underlying them. He who likes to work with local artisans, imagined the “Mahjouba” project, the creation of an electric vehicle whose most parts were designed by craftsmen, others reused from old vehicles. It plays with the relationship between global and local, industry and   artisanal   productions.

It draws on the alternative, of course, and combines ancestral techniques with digital technology such as 3D printing or solar power. By pursuing his reflection on the relationship between artisanal knowledge and contemporary creation, Eric van Hove intends to project an aesthetic and poetic image of the ancestral practices of Moroccan artisans. By taking Moroccan masters and apprentices on a united and almost communal path towards an aesthetic transgression of the purest of mechanical expressions, this artist projects a whole profession in the recognition of Beauty by Western societies in the In the temples, she has built to sanctify the representation. These sculptures will showcase their respective know-how, and will bear witness to the stories of the different waves of migration that have helped forge the Marseille identity.