Hilario Isola

Hilario Isola (Italy) will present the installation and performance La meira di rosina. Hilario Isola presents a mountain cheese covered with mold colonies. Over time, organic matter will transform into a mountain landscape. In a performative action, the artist will cut the sculpture into slices and offer it to the public who, tasting its flavor, will at the same time witness the gradual disappearance of the work. During the performance, the life experience of an elderly shepherdess named Rosina will be exposed. Friend and guide of the artist, she became legendary in the Piedmont valleys where nomads moved with their herds. Rosina embodies a series of values ​​and realities obscured by the contemporary world for the way of living and thinking freely, as well as for the personal and cultural bond that she maintains with her environment. La meira di rosina offers different levels of reading and perception. It offers multiple points of view on nature ranging from the microcosm of mold to the psychological dimension of landscape life through art and ancestral practices, to the macro-issue of climate and cultural change.