Michelangelo Pistoletto

Michelangelo Pistoletto (Italy) Retrospective of Terzo Paradiso and participatory event.
“What is Teresa Paradiso? It is the fusion of the first and the second paradise. The first is where humans were fully integrated into nature. The second is the artificial paradise, developed by human intelligence, to the global dimensions reached today with science and technology. This paradise is composed of artificial needs, artificial products, artificial comforts, artificial pleasures and all other types of artifice. A real artificial world has been formed which, with an exponential progression, generates, alongside the beneficial

The third paradise is the third phase of humanity, which takes place in the balanced connection between artifice and nature. The third paradise signifies the passage to an unprecedented stage of planetary civilization, essential to ensure human survival. To this end, the ethical principles and behaviors that guide common life must first be reformed. Terzo Paradiso is the great myth that leads everyone to take personal responsibility in The term paradise derives from the ancient Persian language and means “protected garden”.

We are the gardeners who must protect this planet and heal the human society that inhabits it. Terzo Paradiso’s symbol, a reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of infinity, is made up of three consecutive circles. The two outer circles represent all diversity and antinomies, including nature and artifice. The main one is the interpenetration between the opposing circles and represents the generator uterus of the new humanity. ”