The (He)art for (He)art Program, founded by Francisca Viudes, offers to an artist
selected on Asia Now, the opportunity to participate to our residency program.
It includes a 6 to 8 week stay, creative assistance, the production of a new series of
works and one or more exhibitions afterwards.
We want to share the history of Nice and its region, inviting the laureate to walk in the
footsteps of the great masters who have stayed there in the past and still do.
Inviting the artists allows them to be inspired by our history and our various public and
private collections, creating a real dialogue with the local communities.
Our goal is to share another contemporary vision with the various audiences and local
institutions which we work with in close collaboration.
It also allows us to propose exhibitions built in a more sustainable way and to give the
artist participating in our program new forms of inspiration, to support them in new
projects and to give a better visibility to their work.

The Nice (He)art Prize x Asia Now supported by the Marval Collection from Milano
and Berlin, which is also co-jury of the prize.

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